Why Are Your Tryouts at The Same Time as Lakers Practice?

Our tryouts are run in a practice setting for two reasons:

1. We want to see what the player is like in a practice setting, how they communicate with coaches, other players, and how receptive they are to feedback.

2. We want players to evaluate us as an organization to make sure our coaching and practice styles are a good fit for them just as much as we are making sure they are a good fit for Lakers.

What If I Cannot Make the Tryout Dates?

The easiest way for our coaches to evaluate you as a player is by attending our in-person tryouts.
If you are unable to attend, we have the option of a virtual tryout by submitting a video. For information visit our Tryout tab.

If We Are Offered A Spot On Another Club With A Deadline, What Should We Do?

Before making a decision about the very best fit for your athlete and your family we encourage you to do your research on both clubs, their mission and values. Also, tryout for Minnesota Lakers Select.
Experience the inclusive, family culture that is Minnesota Lakers Select! We aim to empower young women to support each other, be inclusive, and build each other up and to form lifelong friendships with their teammates. We do not tolerate players excluding teammates or speaking negatively to others on or off the field.

What Are The Teams I Can Be Evaluated For?

We offer the following youth teams: 2025, 2026/2027, 2028/2029
And the following High School teams: 2022, 2023, and 2024.

More information on our High School, Middle School, and Youth Programs, including: practice dates, tournaments, optional training seasons, and investment costs under the corresponding tab for your athlete on the main page.

Why Minnesota Lakers?

We focus on developing the whole athlete through mental performance, strength & conditioning, premier lacrosse, leadership, and service training. We understand that lacrosse careers are finite and believe it is crucial to empower our players to be influential leaders on and off the field and service-forward people who know how to help their communities with their various skill sets. The goal of Minn. Lakers Select is not only to improve and develop our player’s lacrosse skillset and reach their potential as players; but to build life skills through lessons learned in the game!