2022 Fall - 2023 Summer Select Team Investment***

2022 Summer Season* $1,450
2021 Fall Ball** $425
2021/22 Winter Skills** $540
2023 Summer Monday Night Skills/Conditioning Practice** $45
Uniform* $100
Optional Tournaments $125 - $600 (depending if local, regional, or national event)
Optional Apparel $10 - $125 per item
* Required
**Optional Add-Ons
***Payment Plans are available.
Team fees cover 2023 Summer registration, field rental space, leadership & development training, leadership training space, administrative costs, ConnectLax profile, SportsRefund insurance, tournament registration (2023 Blue Ox Invitational and the 2023Showdown), coaches stipends, coaches transportation for The Showdown, coaches hotel for The Showdown, coaches meals. 
DOES NOT include airfare for tournaments, hotel and travel for The Showdown, meals, souvenirs at tournaments, uniform, apparel, 2022 Fall Ball Season, 2022/23 Winter Skills season, or any optional tournaments for the 2022 Fall - 2023 Summer Season.

***Given the nature of traveling girls lacrosse, we must sign up for tournaments and design and pay for a lot of programming upfront. 

This means that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please keep this in mind when signing up for events and programming.***

Should an injury or sickness occur that keeps a player out longer than 2-weeks families can go through SportsRefund for reimbursement.